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Server Sponsoring Event Update

Posted on February, 13th 2012 by 2047G Corbx

Recently we launched a new event “Server Sponsoring” The idea of the event is for 2047Servers to sponsor other gaming community’s with Game Servers, This event is going very well so far. We had 5 Applications within the first 10hours of opening the event, along with much interest on our Steam Page.

So far we have setup Servers for 4 community’s 3 of which we are sponsoring 12Slot Counter Strike 1.6 Servers for. The other is a Killing Floor server...

So far we are sponsoring;

  • Crptical Gaming
  • Aimzone
  • WTB-Servers
  • TTCServers
  • We will keep this event open as planned for another 2 months (or until we are fully booked out on our Sponsor Server)

    If you like to take part in this event read more on this page - Sponsor Servers From 2047Servers