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Server Sponsoring Event

Posted on February, 13th 2012 by 2047G Corbx

Event Has Closed, Thank you for your interest.

Here we go again, Another event from 2047Games/2047Servers this time. With the new launch of our 3rd Super Server we are now going to dedicate that server for our new event.

The aim of this event is to provide Game Servers to community’s across the Steam Platform (Valve Game Servers) We are looking to provide the full range of Valves Game Servers from Counter Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, Source, Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat Source, Garry's Mod, Half Life 2, left4dead series, Killing Floor & Many more.

We have a video to go with the event, this should explain most of the event & what is it about in non text form

What requirements we have before we can sponsor you.

As said in the video, We are looking for groups, clans or community's that are in need of servers for their members to play on. We are not looking to give free servers to e.g. a group of 4 friends wanting a 32 slot server.

  • Around 100 Members or more.
  • Active playing members on the game that you want a server for.
  • Active group - Events, Chats, Sharing content with each other.
  • Some form of Website, Fan page, Youtube, Facebook etc...etc...

  • Application Form

  • Name: Name of person to contact back.
  • Email: An Email we can use to contact the admin of the server/group
  • Subject: (Community/Group) (Game Server) (slots)
  • Message: A Short message explaining your Community/Group, How many members, What you do, What games you play, How long you have been going, Why you deserve a free server, What you would use it for, Why sponsoring your clan is a good idea for us (& How you would show that we are sponsoring you) etc...etc...
  • Website: This can be e.g. Steam Group Page, Website, Forums. Blog etc...etc... If you have more than one put others in the message.
  • If these details (most) are not included then your application won't be considered

  • See FAQ's before filling the form

    Event Has Closed, Thank you for your interest.

    In the application form you will need to include sources of your group e.g. a Steam Group page so we can check to see how many members you have, how many play the game that you want a server for & how active your community is.


  • Sponsorship Length:

    We are looking for starting at a standard 3 months, this will depend on what you want & will be decided if you are accepted, if you have been accepted we will sort this out when we make an agreement.

  • What will happen after the sponsorship ends?

    A week or so before your sponsorship time is up we will contact you with what is happening next, if we feel that us sponsoring you is both beneficial for us & yourself then we may decide to continue sponsoring you. Otherwise we will offer the change for you to pay for your server using our prices.

  • Access to the Servers:

    As said in the video you will have FTP access, please setup your own RCON/Admin so you can manage the servers via console.

  • How does this application process work?

    We are using this application method to collect information about who is interested, we will then use this information to read up on you, see your websites/groups so we can get an understanding of what your group is like. If we find some applicants that fit what we are looking for then we will contact them to continue the processes of finding more information about what they want on the server & will talk about the contract we will have with them. So make the message in this form as best as you can.

  • What are the server specs?

    We do have a page called Our Servers, it will be one of the Super Servers, Also the key specs are explained in the video.

  • How long will the event last?

    This event is looking to last around 1-2months maybe more, depending on the success of the event we may run out of room on the server, if this does happen we will have to slowdown or stop the event then. We have already had 5 applications within 10hours of opening the event.

  • These may get updated if any key questions arise when people contact us or send in their forms.

    Or you can email - with your details.


  • Sponsorship Lengh: