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Some maintenance will be effecting our main customer server, as known as SUPERSVR3, We are looking at expanding our customer servers onto SUPERSVR1 also, this will mean we are looking at pairing both of these servers enabling the control panel to have access to this server.

This will mean customers can have game servers on both of these servers & only need to use one control panel to access them.

Why are we doing this ? - As we are gaining more & more customers, hosting more & more servers, we want to split the hosted game servers evenly over our customer server which in turn gives better performance and speed for them & their players on the servers.

As previously posted we have run a full backup of the server & can restore if need be. At some point the server will need to be restarted, this will be done during one night at around 11pm GMT.

We will post the proposed date for this restart in another update, Customers that would like a temporary server setup on another server can contact us, we will provide this temp hosting service for a week while we carry out maintenance, please contact us if you would like this setup. Note this will only have FTP access no Control Panel on our temp server.

We expect the maintenance of the system to only take a few hours over the next few days.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to know more at –