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2012 Websites

Posted on 22nd January, 2012 by 2047G Corbx

The 2047Group has big plans for 2012 with the launch of at least 3 new websites (including this one).

Other sites to be launched this year are;

the2047group - This will be the holding site of "2047" what will have all of our services/groups as sub sites.

2047webdesign - Originally one of our 1st "2047" sites, this site was setup in 2007 & has not had much time or dedication put into it as much as our other sites. The redesign & rebranding of this site will be launched under a new name in 2012. Previously “”

These websites are looking to be launched over the 1st half of 2012

Because of the relaunch of 2047WebDesign we may see an increase of customers using our services of web design & web hosting. We are looking to create a user interface with services that we provide to them. This may include a custom control panel with information about their product they buy from us e.g. Usage Stats, Server Status and others.